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A balanced body can do more, is more!

Combining Physiotherapy with Alternative Health techniques for a more holistic approach to healing.


Therapy Services

I offer physiotherapy and alternative therapy techniques in Barcelona. I aim to find the best way to try to help your body heal and recover from injury. By using  a wide variety of techniques learned over many years, I try to give your body the support it needs to re-balance and return to optimal function. A balanced body can do more, is more!


Assessment and Diagnosis

Assessment & Diagnosis forms an integral part of my approach to treating the whole body, not just focusing on the complaint in isolation. The body will adapt and compensate in amazing ways - we need to find what new patterns of movement your body has adopted to protect itself see what we can do to unwind this chain of compensation to re-balance the system.

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Treatment and Rehabilitation

Treatment is often very gentle and focuses on treating the body holistically. Various techniques are used to realign and re-balance the body.  Exercises are given to retrain the body in the correct patterns of movement and also to retrain the system to maintain this functional position. Strength, flexibility and control are essential in the rehabilitation programme.

Should you wish, Craniosacral therapy, The Bowen Technique or Acupuncture can be done as a full treatment.


My Story

I am an English-speaking physiotherapist now living in Barcelona. I was born in South Africa and trained there, qualifying in 1996. Throughout my career I was interested in alternative (complementary) therapies. Despite not having a good scientific basis they very often yielded exceptional results. Intrigued,  I completed many courses in various disciplines including craniosacral therapy, applied kinesiology, myofascial release, acupuncture and NIP. I am also a certified Bowen Technique practitioner.
I started incorporating some aspects of these therapies into my treatments and slowly developed the style of treatment I use today. The amazing results I get from combining traditional physiotherapy techniques with complementary ones continue to impress me and my clients.
I now live in Barcelona and am excited to offer my physiotherapy service here. Let's get your body balanced!



“Warren is the best therapist I have ever come across. He uses different techniques to assess and address the issues I have after playing sport. Not only does he physically mend me but psychologically too! He explains the issue and advises the best way to overcome the issue in the future. I would, and have recommended his services to many people.”

Brian M, client - sportsman

I have been fortunate to have been Warren’s business partner, colleague and friend for 19 years. He has a unique, intuitive ability to allow your body to relax into his treatment and enable it to “unwind” and “re-balance” as it requires. He has acquired an enormous amount of knowledge of the human body and mind and its associated pain patterns and an equally extensive knowledge of treatment techniques. He is truly one of a kind!

Linda D physiotherapist and craniosacral therapist

I have known Warren for a number of years and he’s been great in not only understanding my pain points but very importantly helping to alleviate my pain. He has an in depth understanding of the body, how it moves and what exercises and pressure points can be used to stretch and manipulate the body towards healing. I would highly recommend him.”

Claudia F, client

Warren Driscoll treated me for various physical complaints in South Africa over the last decade. He has a holistic approach to injuries and the way he treats them. His expert knowledge on the mechanical functioning of the body and the way muscles and the nervous system interact has made his treatment of any of my complaints effective and long lasting. His ability to strap injuries and the follow up exercises he prescribes show an intimate understanding of the healing process. There is no doubt in my mind that he single-handedly extended my sporting career by years and to this I am eternally grateful. I wish him all the best in his future endeavours. I am sure that his future patients will be as impressed by him as I always have been, our loss is certainly your gain

Frank D, client - sportsman

Child Physiotherapy

Opening Hours

By appointment only.
Home visits and on site 50 euros, 1 hour
Online video consultation 35 euros, 1 hour

Find me at Activate Personal Trainers, Avinguda de Josep Tarradellas 101, 08029, Barcelona


Contact Me

Home visits and at Activate Personal Training, Avinguda de Josep Tarradellas 101, 08029, Barcelona


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